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Orphanages overflow with displaced children

Orphanages in war ravaged Ukraine struggle to keep up with the increased flow of abandoned and displaced children. Many recently orphaned by heavy shelling in Eastern Ukraine or left by their parents who are unable to care for them due to the economic crisis these are the forgotten children we so conveniently like to ignore.

State funding is minimal and the cost of food has skyrocketed leaving children without proper nutrition and basic supplies.

One example on the cost of food in Ukraine currently is – $5 per pound of bananas.

Outrageous, right?

Protein for the young children is scarce as you can hear in the video, the children mainly living off basics such as kasha.

To compound the already dire situation the sexual exploitation of these children is taking place at an ever increasing rate from these overflowing homes. Sometimes the caretakers or those the children trusted are the very ones selling them into slavery.

If this sort of thing bothers you I suggest you might want to turn your head and forget these children exist for a minute while I explain the gravity of the situation.

At this very moment in Ukraine we have teenagers and young girls being held at gunpoint and forcibly raped. Many of these young girls are being sold into sexual slavery and shipped overseas or used as toys by the mercenaries fighting in this conflict.

Many of these men are very bad men.  Mercenaries that have been released from prison to fight this proxy war for a psychopath.

These displaced children in many cases watched in horror as shelling leveled their villages. Many watched family members dismembered in front of their very own eyes.

Having to endure this type of shock is very difficult for  human being.

I know. I watched my little brother return from Iraq with PTSD.  And he was a full grown man. A trained soldier, who probably did not experience something quite as bad as these children.

And now these children have to worry about being beaten and raped by paid mercenaries running amok. It is too much to ask a child to endure.

And this is where I need your help.

Click that little button over to the right. The one that says donate.

Any little bit will help. It really will.

Give up your latte for one day.

Together we can help at least a few of these children. We can provide additional food, care, and hopefully long term help towards rebuilding their now devastated country.












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