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Why orphans in Ukraine and how can I help?

Ukraine may seem so far away to many of us. This makes it easier to detach ourselves from what is currently occurring on the other side of the world as it has no direct effect on our daily lives. Yet, for over 100,000 orphans living in State provided housing and on the streets daily life is a struggle. Adding to the already difficult economic conditions in Ukraine there is currently an ongoing crisis with Russia. The statistics before the crisis for these orphans are staggering.

Consider this –

  • The children are released from homes at the age of 16, unprepared for life on the street in a country with a shattered economy
  • More than half the girls will turn to prostitution or be kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.
  • The rate of HIV in Ukraine is at epidemic levels and many street children currently test positive
  • The young men will be forced to turn to crime to get by. Once imprisoned they will become IV drug addicts in many cases and contract HIV and or TB
  • 15% of those turned loose on the streets by themselves will commit suicide within two years

The best way to currently help is through monetary donations. With the current exchange rate In Ukraine it allows us to maximize the funds.

In lieu of monetary contributions we will also gladly accept your time and effort to further our cause. We are currently seeking help with the following – fundraising, social media promotion, teaching skills to youth, medical professionals, and any offer that you feel will help contribute to better these children’s lives.

Donate now and help us change a child’s life