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There are approximately over 5000 street kids in the City of Odessa Ukraine

Nestled along the Black Sea the city of Odessa, or the Pearl of the Black Sea as it is called has an ugly secret hiding under abandoned buildings and in the sewers. It is home to over 5000 street kids, many of them social orphans, abandoned by their parents or runaways, hiding from abusive situations. A large number of the street kids are addicted to glue, which they sniff to stave off hunger and keep warm in the winter. The children inject mixtures of cold and flu medication as well as other hard drugs if they are able to. This has caused an HIV epidemic among the street children. A study found that 18% of children in the streets of Odessa were indeed infected with HIV. A stat that is scary indeed.

Violence and sexual abuse is a daily fear for these children. Rape is very common, not only for the women, but the young boys as well. Many of the girls turn to sexual favors in order to survive on the streets and pay for drugs and alcohol. Some of the young boys do as well. The local police are known to harass the street kids and subject them to violence.

Organizations in the area have been working with these groups of children, but not enough is being done, and a new influx of kids from the war torn Eastern Oblasts are arriving according to social workers. More must be done to help those most at risk.

Ukrainian Orphan

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