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The Current State of Orphans in Ukraine

Lately there has been a lot of news when it comes to the orphans in Ukraine and we need to get clear about the situation and the reality of it. Obviously, we’re dealing with a problem here but we need to know how big this problem really is. So, let’s learn more about orphans and how orphans are coping inside the borders of Ukraine.


The statistics for Ukrainian orphans

According to the Ukrainian government there are around 103,000 children in Ukraine deprived of parental care. This means that these children are Ukrainian

orphans, in foster families, in general care or taken care of by relatives. 30,000 Of these children are in state institutions of which 11% in under the age of 7 and 89% is between the age of 8 and 18. This is the number of children that live in these institutions with official orphan status, unfortunately a lot of children live in orphanages without this status.

The children that are not listed as official orphans are not counted, so the real number of children in orphanages is not known.


Luckily the situation for orphans has improved in Ukraine

Although there is still an unknown number of children living on the streets, it is less than it used to be. There is also better care for orphans in Ukraine who grow to be 18, often they are offered paid education and are given housing when they remain studying until they are 23 years old. This situation is already improving but it’s not where it needs to be. Only 16% of graduated orphans have families and only 25% have stable employment. These ratings aren’t very high, so the situation is in need of more improvement.

On top of this comes that 76% of orphans are scared to leave their institution since they are scared of not finding any employment, not getting good education, not having a place to live, not having enough money to live a normal life. These stats are quite troubling, 18% of orphans have no idea what it’s like to live independently, while they are required to move out soon enough. 27% is also afraid that they will succumb to bad influences, like drugs or alcohol for example, which is never a good thing to think of yourself.


Child trafficking is still an issue

Another problem with social orphans Odesa Ukraine is the risk they have of being involved in child trafficking for pornography, labor or sex. In Odesa orphanages for example there is a lot of sexual abuse. Children will disappear because they are taken by rapists and people who make child pornography will know how to find the Ukrainian orphans in their Odesa orphanages. There are many stories of orphans being abused by the staff, having to work on farms, being raped without any police ever being involved. This happens too often and it’s a problem that needs to be taken care of. Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support orphanages, as they are what we need, but there needs to be money to regulate these orphanages better and shut down the ones where all this horribleness is going on.

As you can tell, there is an orphan problem happening Ukraine, although improvements are already happening. Luckily, we don’t have to sit back and watch, since there are things that can be done. There does need to be money available for this though. Help is still needed, so do you want to make a contribution for these social orphans in Odesa Ukraine and other orphans in Ukraine?

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