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Social orphans in Ukraine

You may wonder why the number of orphans in Ukraine appears to be so high at first glance. The number most often used is set to about 100,000 orphans in Ukraine. The reality is that only about 10-20% of these children are what we in the West would consider orphans, or children who have lost both parents. The remainder of the children fall under the term “social orphan”. These are children who have at least one living parent, but have been taken under State care for one of many reasons. The parent could have abandoned them due to disabilities, parental imprisonment, or drug and alcohol abuse. The latter is quite common in the former Soviet Union unfortunately. A parent who cannot afford to provide for their child can opt to send their child to a home during the work week where he or she will be fed and sleep until the weekend arrives.

Many of these homes are ill equipped to handle the number of children and are filled to capacity. The homes can be unsafe, especially for young girls and human traffickers are known to target girls from these homes. Many of the adolescents in these homes eventually run away to live on the streets and eventually become involved with crime or are taken advantage of. If they do not run away many times they are released with very few life skills and ill equipped to live a normal life.

It is our hope to be able to provide a stable foundation for these children so they can be a part of the future of Ukraine. Providing a healthy living environment is a start and necessary, but we also need to teach these children skills that will allow them to flourish once outside these facilities. We hope you will be able to help us reach our goals and help us give these social orphans support and hope for the future.

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