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Penal Colony Orphanage #74 in Odessa, Ukraine

We are currently working with Penal Colony Orphanage #74 located in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. Due to the current conflict in Ukraine State funding for the children has been severely limited and they are in need of some basic items. This orphanage is home to babies from 0-3 years of age who were born in a prison colony to mothers serving sentences after conviction. A large percent of the prison colonies budget meant for food is diverted to the children, but it is not enough to cover all the infants needs. Some of the children’s clothing is sewn in the penal colony to help offset costs.

State Orphanage #74 can hold a maximum of 100 infants and currently has a total of 64 children – 35 girls and 29 boys. Once the children reach the age of three years they are moved into another facility.

The orphanage has an ongoing need for the following items as well as certain additional needs that arise. Many of the washing machines and dryers are currently in need of repair and we would like to alleviate this issue. Healthy foods like fresh fruits are also requested as they are not affordable due to the current economic crisis in Ukraine.
Needs as of April 25, 2015
List of materials and subjects needed to meet the needs of orphanage by Penal Colony #74 (monthly supply)

1. Laundry soap (auto)  – 55 kg
2. Cleaning supplies –  12 kg
3. Bath soap – 3 kg
4. Toilet paper – 40 rolls
5. Diapers –  3000

Besides there is a seasonal need for the following supplies listed below:

1. Kids underwear (till 3 years old) – 100
2. Feeding bottles (glass)  – 100
3. Mosquito repellent (fumigation liquid)  – 50

We would greatly appreciate any help whatsoever in meeting these very basic needs and helping the children during this time of crisis in Ukraine. Sometimes it is easy for the smallest to slip through the cracks and be forgotten when the country is enveloped in turmoil.


State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine
Chernomorsky Penal Colony of State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in Odessa Oblast (#74)
Address: Odessa,  Ukraine
15 Lystfdorskaya road,