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orphans in ukraine

Orphans in Ukraine caught in conflict zone

Orphans in Ukraine caught in current crisis are in urgent need of help and aid has been inadequate at best.

Orphans in Ukraine are in danger while caught up in the Donbass region in a tug of war between Moscow and Kiev. Schools and public facilities are targets of the rebels artillery and shelling which has already taken over 7,000 lives and displaced millions of people from the region. Supplies to the children that have not been evacuated are sporadic and in insufficient quantities. The orphans in Ukraine are being subjected to violence, bombing, and kidnapping to neighboring Russia by the rebels.

Already minimally funded, the orphanages in Eastern Ukraine have been mostly cut off from the government due to the conflict and current economic crisis. The war is creating more and more social orphans as parents are forced to give their children up due to the dangers and inability to properly provide for them. Loss of basic needs and services such as medical, water and electricity are also a concern. Without these basic needs the orphans in Ukraine are being subjected to inadequate living conditions.

Please help us with those desperately in need today.


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