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Orphans in Ukraine affected by the War

The current situation in Ukraine has proven to have taken a toll on the children, especially orphans who are often the last to be looked after. The Eastern regions of Ukraine are now no longer supported by the State due to the Russian invasion. Children holding DNR and LNR passports can no longer receive benefits of help from the Ukrainian government until the situation clears. There has been a drastic uptick in child abandonment due to the conflict including infants according to Liudmyla Volynets who is head of the Office of the President’s Ombudsman for Children in Ukraine. The situation has deteriorated and the lack of officials and documents has left many children in limbo. She proceeds to give us several disturbing examples of what the situation has become.

“We now see children with uncertain status. Due to the complex processes involving police in the ATO zone, we do not have officials who can confirm cases of child abandonment and cases where mothers refuse their newborns. In certain areas, there are no officials who can sign documents on behalf of the state that would allow the child to be adopted or brought into a family.”

“So now we see children who instead of their mother’s death certificate have a photo of her grave. With this kind of “document” the child cannot enter the state protection system. And this means the child risks homelessness.”

In previous years the situation with orphans in Ukraine had improved with help from within and Western nations. Currently with the economic situation plummeting things are reverting back to how it was in 2009 and a crisis is on the horizon. There is no current number of children newly orphaned by the war but Ms. Volynets gives us a brief overview of the upward trend.

– There are more and more abandoned children due to the economic situation and fear in the country.

– There is an increase in biological orphans due to casualties from the war.

– There are less adoptions due to the social fears of rising costs.

– Foster placement is on the decline. It is expected that 1,700 orphans will be placed in foster homes this year, compared to 2,400 last year. This is discouraging as the number of children is increasing.

– Children in the war zone oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk are not added to the government database so essentially do not exist. These regions are those most affected by abandonment, loss of parents due to war, and economic issues.

– Children of parents incarcerated for petty crimes like theft in this difficult economic time and war crimes will become homeless.

The time to act is now. Failure to step in and help these children is a crime in itself of the highest order and we cannot sit by idly and let this happen. If you can help in any way please contact us so we can be champions for these innocent children.

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