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Children in Ukraine under threat of polio

According to recent information provided in a report by UNICEF and the WHO children in Ukraine as well as many young adults are currently vulnerable to a number of contagious diseases. It is feared that many in children and adolescents in Ukraine may be susceptible to polio, which has not been seen in Europe for a number of years. According to UNICEF’s representative in Ukraine, Yukie Mokuo –

“Vaccination coverage in Ukraine is at the lowest it has been for 20 years. Less than half of children are fully immunized against polio and the recent volatile situation has reduced vaccination coverage even more. UNICEF calls on the Ukrainian authorities to take measures to prevent a polio outbreak in the country”.

It is also feared that the threat of other viruses such as measles could spread from the children in Ukraine to the rest of Europe if they are not contained should an outbreak occur.

Many of the parents in Ukraine are leery of vaccinations after a 17 year old died several years ago causing a false media scare. It was initially reported that the girl died from complications from a vaccination, but was later found she had pre-existing conditions. Education on the benefits of vaccinations and the health hazards facing the country are of paramount importance to ensure the children receive adequate care and maintain the children in Ukraine’s health.

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